Happy Holidays and happenings

Wishing you all a wonderful and perfect Holiday for you and your families.  May you be surrounded by those you love in this special time.  And please receive my best wishes of much health, love, happiness, and success for the upcoming New Year.  Thank you for supporting me in this little corner of the blogospere.  Your readership means so much to me.


Art to Outfit || Holiday Party Edition

Happy Friday!  Wao!  Christmas is right around the corner.  We actually celebrate Christmas Eve so the countdown is on.  I am done with my holiday shopping which is a relief because I would not want to be in the mall this weekend. 

I spotted this beautiful Herve Leger dress (on sale!) and thought it would be perfect for a formal Holiday affair.  At the same time I have had this beautiful artwork on my mind and decided they looked beautiful together. Birdaria, the company that makes this canvas has such interesting wall decor options. I had so much fun exploring (you know me and art!) their website.  Then, of course, I had to pair the dress up with some 'glam, bam thank you m'am' party shoes.  And just to make the outfit a 'wee' bit more festive this necklace brings it down to a playful- I don't take myself too seriously level.  Add a little bit of sparkle on the clutch and voila you are a walking, talking spectacle of joy for the holidays!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I plan on resting and spending time with my beautiful family.  I will be taking some days off next week.....but will be peeking in for some holiday cheer.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy holiday! 


Yummy Interiors || Greg Natale

Interesting how a photo on pinterest (the one above) can take you down the rabbit's hole.  And I'm so glad I took the little scenic side trip because it lead me to this fabulous designer, Greg Natale.  I'm attracted to his use of patterns (note the tile in the bathrooms almost seems like wall paper) and his mix of colors.  The kitchen is pretty cool too with those amazing pantry doors (or are they refrigerator doors?  I see a vent at the bottom so they could be).  Don't get me started on the stair handrail.


Holiday Party Decorating Tips from Via Blossom

Christmas is just around the corner.  If you were on the fence of throwing a last minute holiday bash here are some wonderful holiday decorating tips to kick you into high gear.  Go for it!  Get your friends and family together and celebrate. The ladies at Via Blossom did this amazing Holiday shoot we thought you would enjoy.  They really are experts in the dessert table arena.....I mean did you see that candy cane trees? 

Winner of the Charles Emerson Designs Giveaway

We have a winner for the Charles Emerson Designs giveaway!! 


Mongolian Lamb Stool DIY ||Inspired by Preciously Me

Happy Monday cuties!  So excited about this DIY.  You know me and my easy DIYs...they are pretty much spray paint, decoupage, spray paint some more, use painter's tape, gold leafing pen....and TA-DA!!! a beautiful result.  Well, except for the Ikea hack dresser here.  That was a bit more hardcore.  But not even that one had me cutting wood or needing some power tools so this is the reason why I'm so proud of this DIY- it was my inititation to more difficult DIYs.....but I came out on the other side- happy and triumphant.


Weekend Jaunt

Happy Friday!!  As you read this I will be on a plane for a little weekend jaunt!  So excited to be going away for a few days.  I won't be traveling as glamorously as this chic lady....I'm more of a jeans and cozy sweater jet set gal.  Even though I come back on Monday, don't fret I have the stool DIY reveal from Preciously Me ready to post....I'm in love with this one!  Get your jig saw's ready ladies!


My favorite Things || Kristen from Just a Girl and her little dog

We have Kristen from Just a girl and her little dog, as our guest today.  So happy!  I love reading Kristen's blog because it is always packed with fun DIYs and beautiful images.  She is a blogger by night and actress by day....exciting and glamorous right?  And of course Lola, her cute little pup, makes constant guest appearances. 


Tata Harper @Neiman's

Last Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a skincare workshop by Tata Harper at Neiman Marcus (Dallas).  I have been using her products for the last couple of years and really swear by them.  They are 100% natural and really deliver amazing results.  My skin is hydrated and feels like no major wrinkles are setting in (or at least this is my hope!)

Kristen Erb from Neiman Marcus organized this fun event (Thank you!).  We were seated in haute couture, which provided for a very exciting backdrop, and were treated to champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We learned a lot about skincare- how to take-off make-up, cleanse, dry, and hydrate.  And after everyone's skin was glowing and refreshed there were a lot of converts which was exciting to witness.


Celebrate || Giveaway from Charles Emerson Designs

So many reasons to celebrate today!!  We have the winner of The Aestate's giveaway from last week (yeay!) and we have another FABULOUS giveaway today.  This gives us TWO reasons to celebrate today.  First off....


Gift Guide Part 6 || Men

Yeay!  Happy Monday!!  There is a cold front coming in as I type and I can't tell you how excited I am.  It has been a very warm winter so far and I am just needing the chillier weather to get in the Christmas spirit.  Hopefully it will last so I can wear my awesome and cozy chunky knits.  Let's see.


Gift Guide 5 || Stocking Stuffers

Happy Friday!  Wao, the weeks are just speeding by.  The countdown is on.  So I have just two gift guides left....this one of small presents to stuff your stockings and the man's guide which I will do next week.  So let's get started.


My Favorite Things || Roxy from Society Social

Does this lady need any introduction??!!  Not really!  But just in case you have been living under a rock or maybe are just a casual blog reader this is Roxy from Society Social - she will be sharing her favorite things today.  Roxy is an inspiring lady to say the least.  She has fabulous taste, is an admirable entrepreneur, and is actually even sweeter and more charming than you imagine her to be. I picture a slight glow around the floor she walks on....for reals this lady has me in awe.  She is chasing her dream, loving what she does, doing it so perfectly well and with such flair.  The more you find out about her the more you fall in love with her and her positive and can-do energy.


Torero Photography Please

Powerful, dramatic, colorful....How much personality do they infuse in a room? A LOT!! The drama comes from the poses for sure, the color from their beautiful embroidered outfits, and the power from the act of fighting the bull.  But really all this is magnified by the size of the prints.  They work so well in this supersized format. I have no idea who the photographers are of these pieces, but I will investigate.  (I think the second image may not be a photo but an actual torero suit...but the drama effect is what I'm after...and that purple!!)


Giveaway || The Aestate

I'm so excited about today's giveaway! For reals!!  You probably all know Jessica from one of my favorite blogs and etsy shops The Aestate.  Well, today's giveaway is from her!!  Told 'ya this was a good one.  I admire Jessica's style and talent as both an artist and blogger. Jessica is all about  beauty that is edgy, cool, exciting and glamourous.


An architect's home

The home of a talented friend of mine, Paloma Cañizares, came out in a recent Spain edition of Architectural Digest.  I visited this beautiful home two years ago and fell instantly in love with it.  Not only is it located in one of the best parts of Madrid but the bones of the apartment are magnificent.  Paloma's highly trained aesthetic created this perfectly curated space where she is the artist in many instances (she painted the large painting behind the sofa in the living room, as well as the walls in the dining room and master bedroom).  She also has furniture and home accessories of her own design throughout.  She and her husband love scouring flea markets (they frequent the ones in Paris particularly) to find interesting pieces. Let's tour shall we.
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