Luxe Lusting- Bright and beautiful

I did a Luxe Lusting post a few weeks ago and was very happy with it. I might turn into a regular column.  What do you think? yes? I'm always torn whether to blog about the home or fashion on that particular day.  Believe it or not it is a difficult decision and so this way I get to talk about both.  So today we have this beautiful Designer's Guild Amrapali Peony fabric that can't but make you happy with its vibrant color scheme.  I was first introduced to Designer's Guild right out of college when I was choosing linens for my first apartment.  I wondered into ABC Carpet and Home for the first time and could not believe this place, finally heaven on earth!  I chose some white sheets with purple embroidered flowers.  Adorable! And guess what if you want to come spend the weekend I will likely make up the guest bed with them.  That is right! I still have them and they are like brand new.  They go so well in my guest bedroom.  They were expensive but boy are they good quality.  Sometimes expensive things are less expensive in the long run.  And those cute as a button plates are from Vietri in the Amalfi coast.  They make the best and most original dishes, wonderful for dining al fresco.


Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

Did you think Lilly was just for wearing? Your house can sport Lilly Pulitzer as well.


Lusting over Gold or Brass Hardware

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I am always obsessing over gold/brassy, shiny things.  For example, I recently did a post on Shiny Gold Things and  I have been known to be a big fan of spray painting things gold like these little trays here.  And remember me swooning over Christian Liaigre's Paris apartment with all that gold detail? Really, I think a lot of things can be easily improved upon by adding some gold. Agree?    Well, I think gold is making a come back in interior decor in terms of hardware- in doors (knobs, hinges), faucets, lighting, cabinet pulls, lighting switches....And so here I daydream of some gold hardware. I mean....aren't you in love with Jonathan Adler's bathroom above? (ooh, by the way, I have that orange trash can in my office! It's from a collaboration he did with Bed and Bath some years ago.  It's a cheapie but a goodie).


Jayson Home

Jayson Home
All of these earthy wonderful home accents are from Jayson Home.
I just love the masculine earthy feel of their range. I would love to have the wishbone on my bar. Wouldn't the salad servers be a perfect hostess gift? The feather would be perfect holding my Monte Blanc!


The Library- Source of art for your walls

I pinned this image some weeks ago because I was very attracted to the prints (of course the wall color and the plaid chairs don't hurt either).  Trying to figure out where I could find some similar images I came across New York Public Library's (NYPL) image gallery.  Score!  It has got to be one of the world's best kept secrets.  Or did you know about it? They have a wonderful collection of over 800,000 open access images from their vast collection of books (see collection here).  They have categories from the ABCs of Cigarette Cards (here) to amazing maps (here) to early landscape photography (here), and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 


Art to Outfit- Sunday Brunch

I came across this beautiful painting by Charlotte Hardy.  I find the swans, flowers, and colors very romantic.  (Did you notice there is only one black little bird in the very regal cage while all the others birdies and swans are outside? Hmm...I wonder what is going on....anyhoot..) Charlotte is an English artist who is very drawn to pattern and color, just like I am.  Maybe this is why I immediately felt a connection with this painting. All her works are beautiful.  You can check them out here.   So as an Ode to this piece I prepared this little femine, romantic and elegant Sunday Brunch outfit.


Tom Dixon Lighting

Tom Dixon Lighting

I wish I had a place for these. They are sooooo hip. The copper is very unexpected. Let's see some in action........


Fabulous Friends- Tata Harper

Tata Harper is the founder and CEO of Tata Harper Skincare, a line of 100% natural, artisanal products for the face and body.  I'm so excited to bring you this interview today so you learn about her  and her amazing all natural products that actually, truly work.  I know because I have been using them for over a year and what can I say?! I'm a convert. And its nice to know they are not harming my body in any way. Not only do they smell like heaven and actually make your skin more beautiful, but the philosophy behind the line is admirable- creating non-toxic healthy products to enhance a woman's beauty.




I love this bike. I wish I had this when I was living in cities where I did ride everywhere. Here are just a few of the cool features:


A DIY Birthday celebration

Little Miss A. turned five this weekend.  It was so exciting!  We had been looking forward to this birthday probably since her actual fourth birthday (so yes, a full year!).  So we invited four of her little friends to have a swim birthday playdate.  The theme was a seahorse.  It was a tiny get together but very beautiful and special.  Little Miss A's grandparents all came from abroad to help her celebrate.


It's in the bag

I love an "it" bag just like the next girl.  I love any of the current Celine bags everyone seems to have or are at least lusting over.  I'm also in love with the PS1, but at the same time, I also want to be different and have something that is less expected. I want to have my own signature bag that maybe some years from now will just start catching on and I will have the pride in knowing I identified its beauty first before everyone else.  Currently, my go to bag is my Goyard tote, which is almost dying on me after I have been demanding its company almost daily for the last few years.  It is wonderful because it is so light, it fits a million things and it matches with everything (this is in my opinion, my mom would probably beg to differ).  Even though some people have it, it still feels under the radar. 



Otomi embroidery

 My mom brought me back two cute Otomi embroideries from Mexico.  They are so colorful. This type of embroidery was developed by the Mexican Otomi Indians drawing inspiration from animals and bold colors. Above is a piece of my new treasure so you can see.  I am unsure what I want to do with them. 


All that shines....

...doesn't have to be terribly expensive.  Ever since my re-encounter with Urban Outfitters (here) I began looking through their website specifically their home decor and I was quite impressed.  Their lighting in particular has some great and inexpensive pieces like the pendant above (its only $64!) I think its look is more sophisticated than its price which is always a wonderful thing in my book. 


Getting Leopardy for Fall

I spied some cute leopard jeans at Target that I needed to get for Little Miss A.  My sweet aunt got them for her as a birthday present.  What a cool aunt right? A few days after, I spotted some similar ones at Urban Outfitters for myself.  


Rue Mag Launch at Wisteria in Dallas

We were so lucky to attend Rue's Texas launch party at Wisteria last night.  What a fun and well-planned event.  The fact that the soiree had all of Wisteria's beautiful furniture as a backdrop only made the evening even more exciting. (I mean do you see that blue chair in the background? I die!  I could not find it online otherwise I would have linked. Of course.) 


Beautiful homes in the Lone Star State

The latest Rue Magazine came out yesterday and it is devoted entirely to Texas ya'll!  Isn't this exciting?! There were a few beautiful homes featured that I fell in love with so I wanted to present them to you in case you have not paged through the magazine yet.  First off we have Joslyn Taylor's home.  She is the blogger behind the fabulous  Simply Lovely blog as well as the market/style editor for D home.  Ok, so let's get started on all this goodness shall we?
The general vibe of the home is earthy and laid back.  They worked around the original structure of the home adding so much more character. I love how the room is so organic. 


Karl Springer Rocks My World

Karl Springer

And his furniture still rocks. This is the ticket to making your house sexier.


Double Trouble- Luxe Lusting

I'm starting this week daydreaming of beautifully handmade items with top quality materials and top of the line designs.  Care to join me?  I'm lusting after these very luxurious items.  First off- Hermes' jungle themed wallpaper resulting in a very loud 'YES!'  Their collection was inspired by the archived designs of their silk scarves. 


Faux Malachite DIY

I'm inspired by Jessica from The Aestate constantly.  I'm in awe of her and her many talents.  She has fantastic taste, unique ideas, she is laugh-out loud funny, and is an amazing artist.  Ever since she did her Faux Malachite DIY I have meaning to try it.  Finally, I had the time to gather all my supplies, enlisted by almost five year old to help and voila!


John Dickinson

My latest obsession is this African stool made by the late great John Dickinson. He was a San Francisco interior designer.  His furniture is idiosyncratic and amusing with very simple lines. They have become pretty pricy (in the tens of thousands), but with a little determination, some web searching, and a lot of patience, I think I can I think I can...



Inspired by these images by Gray Malin that make my heart beat faster and make me weak in the knees because they are so beautiful, I snapped a few shots of our beach trips.  Gray goes to different beaches around the world and takes photos from above. So, below I pulled for show some my better ones. The only thing they have in common with Gray's are that they have sand and water.  I'm not saying they are either similar or remotely alike....
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